What is Cut to Clamp?

Want to get your business into a position where it’s better able to cope with future volatility in feed costs or milk price?

Cut to Clamp is a new initiative from Volac, which aims to raise the profile of good silage as a vital part of modern farming, showing how it can really make a difference to overall farm efficiency and profitability.

We are offering expert advice and practical tips on 6 key stages of silage production; Cutting, Wilting, Harvesting, Treating, Clamping and Feeding, to help farmers understand what they can do on their farm to improve their results.

Our step-by-step guide outlines good practice in silage production and includes top tips and video resources from independent silage expert – Dr. David Davies.


By making high quality silage more of the nutrient requirements of the animal will be fulfilled from silage. This will reduce the costs of milk production, reduce concentrate input and maintain a healthier rumen so reducing metabolic disease, all in all making profitable milk production far more likely.
— Dr David Davies, Independent Silage Consultant