About Cut to Clamp

With nine out of 10 dairy farmers rating better use of grass silage as extremely or very important in their goal to reduce bought-in feed costs, Volac has launched its new Cut to Clamp initiative to help.

A recent Volac survey found about three out of four dairy farmers were extremely or very concerned about future volatility in bought-in feed costs and milk price. Moreover, 82% were looking to reduce bought-in feed costs.

But despite 90% rating greater use of grass silage as either extremely or very important to help achieve this, the survey revealed some key shortfalls in silage-making techniques.

What is Cut to Clamp?

Cut to Clamp is a new initiative from Volac, which aims to raise the profile of good silage as a vital part of modern farming, showing how it can really make a difference to overall farm efficiency and profitability.

We have had more than 30 years of experience in this field and we believe the need to produce high quality home grown forage is more important than ever.

Like many of the farms we support, ours is a family-owned business with a proud heritage and strong core values. But for us both to thrive we need a vibrant and productive UK livestock farming sector, which is why our product and support programmes remain firmly focused on helping enterprises become more productive and sustainable.

What are we offering?

Grass silage making

We are offering expert advice and practical tips on 6 key stages of grass silage production; Cutting, Wilting, Harvesting, Treating, Clamping and Feeding, to help farmers understand what they can do on their farm to improve their results.

Maize silage making

Making maize silage this season? We have just launched Cut to Clamp Maize, which aims to help farmers to make better maize silage this season. We are offering expert advice and practical tips on 5 key stages of maize silage production; Planning, Harvesting, Treating, Clamping, Feeding to help farmers get the most out of this valuable crop.

Free silage consultation

As part of the Cut to Clamp programme Volac are offering free on farm silage consultation with one of our silage experts. During the consultation, we will explore the key stages of silage making, and make recommendations to help improve your silage quality.