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Silage consultation

As part of the Cut to Clamp programme Volac are offering free on farm consultations with a silage expert.

First we will need a silage sample so that we can carry out silage analysis, we will then arrange a suitable time to visit your farm to discuss the results. Don’t worry if you don’t have any silage for analysis, we will still be happy to come and discuss your silage making process.

During the consultation, we will explore the 6 stages of silage making, and make recommendations to help improve your silage quality.

We are currently offering a FREE pair of waterproof trousers when you book a silage consultation.

Follow the Silage

YOver the course of a year we’ve captured a video diary of the whole audit process on a real-life Cheshire dairy farm:

• How a Cut to Clamp audit actually works

• The changes recommended and implemented as a result of it

• The benefits that are starting to be seen

This means you don’t have take our word for it that a Cut to Clamp audit can genuinely help towards making better silage.

See for yourself